Halliburton turns to IBM Cloud to help evaluate development decisions for oil and gas fields

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Migrating reservoir simulation to the IBM Cloud allows Halliburton to substantially reduce time to simulate the effects of development decisions in oil and gas fields On 20 April 2016, IBM announced that Halliburton has adopted IBM Cloud to run its sophisticated reservoir simulation software to help it better understand how complex…

NETZSCH announces specialized positive displacement pumps for oil and gas field applications

Multiphase Transfer Pump

NETZSCH Pumps North America, LLC, experts in solutions designed specifically for difficult pumping applications, announces that it offers specialized positive displacement pump solutions for upstream, mid- and downstream conveying in oil and gas field applications. Progressing cavity oil pumps replace inefficient pumpjacks to convey a wide range of oil media…

With oil success, there’s still a need


By Emily Dalzell In Highway Headin’ South, Dolly Parton sings about North Dakota getting the best years of her life. Undoubtedly, people from across our state would heartily nod their heads in agreement, that North Dakota truly provides a wonderful place to live. Life for many, however, has changed dramatically…

Changes to oil tax distribution formula: More money for local government


By Melanie Franner The 30/70 percent split of the oil tax revenue to the local government versus state may not have turned out to be exactly what oil-patch communities were looking for, but it’s a step – at least – in the right direction. The North Dakota State Legislature endorsed…

The new domestic war: A veteran’s fight for basic human needs


Kenneth “Steve” McQueen spent eight years, one month and 28 days in the Marine Corps, working in mortars tech, avionics, offshore medical services, and even as a game warden on base. He never imagined, however, that following his service he would become one of 49,933 homeless veterans living in the…

Not all that glitters is gold: Black Gold Boom


By Amanda Lefley Photos courtesy of Todd Melby. One of the most famous economic events created from Mother Nature that ensued a ‘boom’ of opportunity and job creation was the California Gold Rush. Dating back to 1848, gold was first discovered in Coloma. In today’s era, another boom is happening….