Working together to help fight Bill C-69

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We’ve had many emails from Oil Respect supporters asking us if there is a way we can all work together to help our industry fight Bill C-69, and the answer is yes.

Save Canadian Jobs is a digital campaign being shared and promoted by a large network of industry and advocacy groups with the goal of mobilizing as many Canadians opposed to Bill C-69 as possible.

For those unfamiliar with Bill C-69, earlier this year the Federal Government introduced the bill to impose new impact assessment measures on Canadian resource sector projects. If passed in its current form, Bill C-69 will make the approval process for new resource projects unworkable, potentially costing Canadian workers their jobs and putting Canada’s economic prosperity at risk.

As an Oil Respect supporter, you know first-hand how important Canada’s natural resources are for the nation’s economic prosperity. Our industry, and Canada’s economy, cannot afford a project approval process marred by new layers of bureaucracy and red-tape.

Bill C-69 is being debated now in the Senate, and will become law in its current, damaging form unless we urge enough Members of Parliament and Senators to fix it.

If you are looking for a way to help, please sign up to the Saving Canadian Jobs coalition. Your participation will help us take direct action and raise awareness about the negative effects of Bill C-69.

Through the campaign’s digital platform, Canadians from all over the country can send customizable e-mails to their local Members of Parliament and Senators. This lets our members tell their own stories when they speak about the concern over this industry killing legislation.

With diverse voices, Senators and elected MPs will be compelled to pay attention and act. There is no time to lose. Now is the time to make real noise and be noticed.

With your help, we can get the campaign off to a strong, early start and build nation – wide support for our message to fix Bill C-69.

Help protect our industry and get involvedsign up today.

More information about the campaign and Bill C-69 can be found at:

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