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Dakota Gasification Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Basin Electric Power Cooperative, is a global leader in carbon capture. Its Great Plains Synfuels Plant has been collecting carbon dioxide from its Rectisol unit since 2000. Dakota Gas has successfully collected and transported over 20 million metric tons of carbon dioxide for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) to date.

The Great Plains Synfuels Plant is the only commercial-scale coal gasification plant in the United States
that manufactures natural gas. Located five miles northwest of Beulah, N.D., the Synfuels Plant has been in operation since 1984. The Synfuels Plant produces approximately 170 million standard cubic feet (mmscf) of natural gas daily. Other products produced at the plant include anhydrous ammonia, ammonium sulfate, cresylic acid, phenol, krypton/xenon, liquid nitrogen, naphtha and carbon dioxide.

Dakota Gas started collecting and transporting carbon dioxide from its Rectisol unit in 2000. It is the largest carbon dioxide capture project from an industrial source in the world. Dakota Gas captures carbon dioxide in a gaseous form and compresses the carbon dioxide in three eight-stage 20,000-HP compressors. The carbon dioxide exits the compressors in its dense phase (liquid), or super critical phase. The carbon dioxide is then injected in a 205-mile pipeline that extends from the Synfuels Plant in Beulah, N.D., to oil plays in central Saskatchewan. Oil companies inject the carbon dioxide into oil reservoirs for EOR.

Carbon dioxide is injected into oil reservoirs in order to pressurize the reservoir and push oil to collection wells. EOR allows companies to collect 10 to 30 percent more oil than would have otherwise been possible.

Dakota Gas currently transports 150 mmscf per day to oilfields in Canada. “We currently have additional carbon dioxide available for EOR,” reports Steven Liebelt, marketing manager for Dakota Gas. “Dakota Gas is always looking for new and innovative ways to capture and transport additional carbon dioxide. The response from oil companies has been very positive and we are glad we can offer a value-enhancing product to help the energy needs of our country.”

“We have carbon dioxide and we would love to expand our development in the United States,” says Paul Quist, market development manager for Dakota Gas. “We are always looking for opportunities, both big and small, to improve energy development in the area. EOR is a great opportunity to take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and put it to good use in the oilfields.”

Dakota Gas, a pioneer in capturing carbon dioxide from an industrial source, has carbon dioxide available in the northern plains. For additional information, please contact Paul Quist at 701-221-4412. Dakota Gas is a Responsible Care provider and is dedicated to providing products and services for rural communities.

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