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From battlefield to the oilfield: Military veterans transition to new jobs

By Rebecca Colnar The Bakken oil boom is well-known for providing high-paying jobs for those willing to work in some harsh conditions with long hours. One group of people used such challenges are America’s military veterans—and those veterans have been finding work in North Dakota. by

South Dakota oil country: Harding County looks to the future

By Sid Pranke Buffalo, S.D. — Western North Dakotans used to living with an oil boom might not be overly impressed with the oil activity in Harding County, but it’s the biggest thing South Dakota has going right now, and Buffalo is thriving because of it. All of Harding County,…

Infrastructure racing to keep up with oil industry

By Laura Bailey When a newcomer visits the Williston Basin, the first indicator of North Dakota’s oil boom is not likely to be the drilling platforms popping up on the horizon—it’s the orange cones that seem to sprout from the asphalt like dandelions. Roads are under construction everywhere, and it…