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Industrial Commission Amends Crude Oil Conditioning Standards

On January 18, 2019, the North Dakota Industrial Commission approved amendments to the crude oil conditioning requirements as outlined in Commission Order No. 29398 in Case No. 29398. The amendments include the addition of a commission-approved oil conditioning policy/guidance that will continue to ensure the safe transportation and marketability of…

The new Hellfighters

NDIC gears up to enforce stringent new gas flaring regulations coming into effect By Rebecca Colnar Gas flaring in the Bakken has been making worldwide news.  Everyone is concerned about it, from industry and mineral owners to environmental groups and politicians. The Ceres Group shows a map of the U.S….

How North Dakota got it right (and how other states can, too!)

By Mark Anderson, CEO, Mainstream Investors, LLC As North Dakota entered the last decade of the 20th century, it found itself near the bottom of nearly every economic metric measured, save agriculture.  Each year, it was a net exporter of people, and with a total population of just 638,800 statewide,…

Industry proposes solutions to reduce flaring

By Dan Larson Responding to growing public and political pressure, the oil and gas industry presented the state of North Dakota with a proposal that would reduce flaring of associated gas to 10 percent of production within six years. by