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Bakken communities adopting strategies to address workforce shortage

Companies in the oil business sometimes struggle for capital. Others have to contend with tough terrain or harsh weather. And some are forced to cope with environmental opposition. But in North Dakota these days, the biggest obstacle to success is finding enough workers to do the job. Bakken oil producers…

ConocoPhillips tells U.S. Chamber of Commerce members that crude oil exports can help sustain the domestic benefits of the energy renaissance

ConocoPhillips (NYSE: COP) chairman and CEO Ryan Lance today delivered an energy policy speech at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce that appealed to the congressional and executive branches of federal government to lift the outdated and economically constraining national ban on crude oil exports. In his remarks, “American Energy: Keeping…

From battlefield to the oilfield: Military veterans transition to new jobs

By Rebecca Colnar The Bakken oil boom is well-known for providing high-paying jobs for those willing to work in some harsh conditions with long hours. One group of people used such challenges are America’s military veterans—and those veterans have been finding work in North Dakota. by