On the heels of Texas fracking ban, Breitling CEO squares off in London fracking debate

Just two days after Denton, Texas made international news by voting to ban hydraulic fracture stimulation within its city limits, there will be yet another fracking debate in London involving an outspoken critic of the Texas ban, Chris Faulkner, CEO of Breitling Energy Corporation (OTCBB: BECC).

“There will be more coming, including mineral rights suits and more I’m aware of but can’t discuss yet”

The debate, billed as “The Frack Off” takes place at 12:30 p.m. Thursday November 6, 2014, local London time, as part of the 3rd Annual Energy Live 2014 conference, which is expecting over 600 attendees. Faulkner will be debating Eva Jasiewicz, a journalist, union organizer and activist. Jasiewicz supports the group, No Dash for Gas, a UK-based vocal grassroots network that feels development of additional natural gas power plants in England would be harmful to the environment. The group opposes fracking, and its supporters participate in frequent rallies against bringing the practice to the U.K.

Faulkner is no stranger to the energy debate, as host of his own daily radio show, Powering America, which airs nationally on the Wall Street Business Network. This debate, however, comes only two days after the voters of Denton, Texas, a community about 45 minutes drive from Faulkner’s downtown Dallas offices, voted to ban fracking inside the city limits. “I promise you, this will come up in London,” Faulkner said on his radio show Wednesday, referring to the Denton vote.

“The folks in Denton were sold a bill of goods, with a bunch of malarkey strapped to it,” Faulkner said in his monologue. “I don’t want to see this magnified in places like England, which has a good chance to develop energy independence and has the support of the Prime Minister. England could have 450 years of self-sufficient natural gas according to a recent scientific study released by the University of Manchester and I’m here to insure they know the facts about developing it,” Faulkner noted after the show.

Faulkner also forecast the legal action filed today by the Texas Oil and Gas Association and the Texas General Land Office to place injunctions on the vote, stating it violates State law. “There will be more coming, including mineral rights suits and more I’m aware of but can’t discuss yet,” Faulkner said.

The London debate is certain to draw local attention and heavy media interest, in light of the court battle shaping up in Denton.

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