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Captain Cappy Moore shares a message of hope and encouragement.

Say hello to Captains Cappy and Rhonda Moore, the newest leaders of the Williston Salvation Army. They’ve replaced Captains Joshua and Rhegan Stansbury, who were relocated to Springfield, Ill., after serving in Williston for five years.

The Moores have been Salvation Army officers for 13 years with Captain Cappy considering himself a “jack of all trades”. Prior to joining The Salvation Army, he worked many different jobs: electrician, auto mechanic, construction and roofer, plus agricultural work on a grain farm and in a potato factory. He feels his vast work experience has prepared him to be a better Salvation Army officer.

The new captains are excited to build upon the great work that the previous Salvation Army officers put into the organization in Williston and western North Dakota. In the interview below, Captain Cappy explains why he is a Salvation Army officer and his vision for serving people in the Bakken.

Captain Cappy Moore shares a message of hope and encouragement.

Why did you become a Salvation Army officer?

I felt early on in life that God was going to use me in full-time ministry. In my late 30s, I knew it was time to respond to that calling. My wife, Rhonda, and I knew that The Salvation Army was the organization we wanted to join to fulfill our God-given purpose. We visited the nearest Salvation Army facility to where we were living at that time – Stevens Point, Wis. – and decided to start getting involved there. When we shared our desire to become Salvation Army officers with the leadership in that area, they encouraged us to pursue it.

What do you love most about being a Salvation Army officer?

My wife and I love helping people. We love helping people improve their situation, whether spiritual, emotional, or physical. It’s fulfilling to see people in a better position than they were in before they came to The Salvation Army for help.

Most Salvation Army officers are relocated every four to six years. Now that you’re here, are you excited to be living in western North Dakota?

Yes! We’ve never lived this far north or west — it’s the farthest we’ve ever lived from where either of us we were raised (Wisconsin and Illinois). Captain Rhonda and I are looking forward to getting to know new people with a different approach to life. New opportunities, new challenges, and new ideas are exciting to us!

What will be your biggest challenge serving the needs of people in the Bakken?

The economy changes so much here depending on the oil industry. The Salvation Army is directly affected by whatever the current economy is — both in resources available, and the amount of people needing assistance from our organization. It will be a welcome challenge to start becoming familiar with how things work in this area, how to connect people with the right resources, and how to plan for needs in an area that can change quickly.

What are your biggest strengths, and how will they benefit the Williston Salvation Army?

My biggest strength is my dependency on God. I try to find the direction that He’s moving, and join him. Our job is to continue the work that has already started where we are placed, and to continue in that momentum. I love to train and empower my employees to be the best they can be, and I believe in a team approach.  My wife and I love getting ideas and input from others.

Captain Rhonda Moore.

Is there anything else you would like the readers of the Bakken Oil Report to know about you?

Most people don’t know that The Salvation Army not only offers social services and runs thrift stores – it’s also a church! Everyone is invited to come check out our service Sunday mornings at 11 a.m.

To learn more about the Williston Salvation Army and its mission to serve those in need, visit WillistonSA.org.