NETZSCH announces specialized positive displacement pumps for oil and gas field applications

Multiphase Transfer Pump
Multiphase Transfer Pump

NETZSCH Pumps North America, LLC, experts in solutions designed specifically for difficult pumping applications, announces that it offers specialized positive displacement pump solutions for upstream, mid- and downstream conveying in oil and gas field applications. Progressing cavity oil pumps replace inefficient pumpjacks to convey a wide range of oil media at stable pressure with minimal pulsation and shear forces.

For upstream oil and gas applications, NETZSCH’s progressing cavity pumps convey media using a rotor that turns in an oscillating motion within a fixed stator. The geometrical mating of the rotor and stator forms conveying chambers. As the rotor turns in the stator, the medium is transported from the inlet to the chambers’ discharge side. This geometry reduces pulsation and shear forces, avoiding the emulsive effects of oil-water mixtures, which have the potential to significantly hinder subsequent mixture separation.

The progressing cavity pump has a comparatively slim body, making it perfectly suited to use inside the bore shaft. The volumetric efficiency of the downhole progressing cavity pump is between 75 and 90 percent, compared to approximately 30 percent for pumpjacks and only 35 percent for electrical centrifugal submersible pumps.

The pumps are constructed from metal and elastomer materials specifically selected for the anticipated operating conditions, including temperature, density, and water, natural gas and hydrogen sulphide contents. This keeps wear to a minimum, increases system performance, and ensures a long service life with long maintenance intervals.

Pump oil, gas and water mixtures with solids.
Pump oil, gas and water mixtures with solids.

NETZSCH pumps are designed to handle mixtures of oil, water and gas along with sand content, and can achieve conveyance rates of complex media of up to 353 cubic feet/minute. This allows media to be pumped to central collection points, where they can be separated with lower infrastructure costs than are incurred with traditional pumping solutions.

NETZSCH rotary lobe pumps for midstream and downstream oil and gas applications allow high volumes of difficult media to be pumped using limited space. The rotary lobe pump technology feature a synchronized gear with belt drive, which, in contrast to standard timing gears, is extremely resilient and very easy to maintain. A belt with teeth on both sides transmits the power from the motor to both rotary lobes and synchronizes them simultaneously. The compact and self-priming rotary lobe pump offers high capacity, reversibility, and solid matter compatibility, making it especially suited to the oil and gas sector.

The rotary lobe pump design enables a high level of operational reliability, critical in applications where service engineers or spare parts are hard to find. The pumps’ conveyance direction can be easily reversed, so that the same system can be used for both filling and emptying.


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