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Extracting value from waste

Extracting value from waste

By Jeffrey Tyson, Scott Energy Technologies LLC Using the data it has collected to adapt, evolve and innovate, the E&P industry has made tremendous strides in well construction techniques to comply with ever-tightening specifications and requirements. Even with...
Mesh-backed coatings:  Why they work

Mesh-backed coatings: Why they work

Coatings that shield cathodic protection current continue to cause problems. Several recent pipeline incidents can be traced to pipeline coatings that have disbonded and shielded the cathodic protection current from protecting the pipe.  There are many aspects to...
Gas monitoring safety solutions for shale production

Gas monitoring safety solutions for shale production

Safety monitoring is necessary during shale gas hydraulic fracturing production, gas processing, storage, and pipeline distribution.  In order to detect potential health hazards, such as gas leaks and fires, special safety technologies must be utilized to prevent...