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Wanzek Construction is all over the Williston Basin in western North Dakota, moving equipment and materials and completing industrial and civil projects for regional and global customers.

Wanzek’s commitment to work in the Bakken goes well beyond the norm for a construction firm, says Frank Rusich, senior vice-president of the Industrial, Power, Oil & Gas Group. Rusich notes that Wanzek has maintained offices in Minot, N.D. and Houston for the last three years to better serve customers in western North Dakota. Wanzek also was the first company to build, equip and furnish a camp for its own and subcontractors’ workers.

Ross Transloading Facility

Ross Transloading Facility


Ross Transloading Facility

Ross Transloading Facility

“Activity in the Bakken provides an excellent opportunity for Wanzek to put more than four decades of heavy industrial and civil construction experience to work in developing much-needed oil and gas for the nation,” Rusich states. “We have all the expertise that regional and global companies need to put themselves in a position to extract the resources, and with our local connections and dedication to safety, we can put our customers in a stronger position to succeed.”

“We’re an energy construction company that is building stronger capabilities and capacities for all energy-development sectors,” Rusich says. “With the cross-industry experience of our people, an exemplary record for on-time delivery and an intense focus on safety, we’ve really been able to set Wanzek apart as a premier energy construction company and go-to partner.”

Wanzek Projects

Gas Plant Expansion – Hess Corporation, New York, N.Y.

Wanzek has completed the early civil and outside boundary limits work for the expansion of Hess’ natural gas plant near Tioga.  The work included civil earthwork and construction/erection of pilings and foundation.  The expansion will increase the plant’s daily capacity from 100 million cubic feet of natural gas to 250 million.  Plans call for the entire expansion project to be completed in mid-2013.

Saddle Butte.

Saddle Butte.

Bullet Tank Foundation and Piping – Saddle Butte Pipeline, LLC, Watford City, N.D.

For the expansion of Saddle Butte’s Little Missouri Plant near Watford City, Wanzek construction foundations for six new natural gas liquid storage bullet tanks and completed all site work.  Following completion of the initial project in November 2011, Saddle Butte awarded Wanzek an additional contract.  That included installation of a new access road and setting skids and fabricating piping and supports for the plan expansion.

Transloading Facility – Plains LPG Services, Washougal, Wash.

Wanzek performed the civil/concrete, structural steel, equipment setting, process piping, electrical/instrumentation and commissioning for a truck-to-rail loadout facility near Ross, N.D. They also subcontracted and supervised work on the facility’s control system.  The facility, which we began construction in July 2011 and finished in November 2011, includes six truck unloading skids with the capability to load 12 rail cars at one time.

Bakken Meadows Housing Facility – Wanzek Construction, Fargo, N.D.

People are Wanzek’s real assets.  All told, Wanzek has more than 200 direct-hire craft and staff people working on projects in the Williston Basin. To help retain those employees and attract the additional qualified workers, Wanzek constructed the basin’s first housing camp for employees and subcontractors’ employees.  The camp, near Tioga, comprises 179 lots, each with a three-bedroom mobile home, yard and parking space.  In addition there is a movie room, exercise and weight facilities and an on-site store for use by all the complex’s residents.