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Will exhibit at booth #212 spill-img

American Green Ventures, (US) Inc. will exhibit and demonstrate the revolutionary SpillFix® Industrial Organic Absorbent during the Bakken Oil Product & Service Show at booth #212. The event will be held at the Raymond Family Community Center in Williston, N.D. on Wednesday, October 7 and Thursday, October 8. The Bakken Oil Product & Service Show provides an opportunity for oil & gas service companies to network with owners and managers working in the Bakken Shale Play region, which is home to one of the largest oil developments in the United States over the past 40 years.

“Hazardous oil and gas spills can impact an organization’s bottom line through loss of productivity, injury, and liability,” said David J. Roache, CEO of Galuku Group North America, the parent company of American Green Ventures. “With SpillFix’s ability to instantly absorb oil and gas, oilfield services professionals can more effectively manage spills, minimize downtime and potential employee overtime hours needed to remedy the situation. We encourage all show attendees to stop by booth #212 to see a short demonstration.”

SpillFix MultiBag Correct JPGSpillFix is made from a bi-product of the coconut (coir), which is an organic, renewable resource that is non-carcinogenic, contains no chemicals and is silica free. It instantly absorbs hazardous liquid spills on contact, including oils, fuels, solvents, paints and chemicals, enabling faster, cleaner, safer and more effective clean up with minimal downtime. When compared to clay-based absorbents, SpillFix clients need 80 percent less product to clean up spills in less than half the time. SpillFix is dust-free, non-abrasive and there is no after residue often left with heavy sticky clay or absorbent pads. SpillFix can be reused to clean up more than one spill due to its superior absorbency, further adding to its cost savings. SpillFix is also landfill safe, providing lower disposal cost than other absorbent products with no environmental impact.

“We’ve had tremendous success with SpillFix throughout much of the world and we are very excited to introduce the product to the United States and Canada,” said Joe Davids, founder and executive chairman of the Maluku Group Limited. “SpillFix offers tremendous utility and cost-savings to a variety of organizations in many different industries. Not only are we helping organizations improve how they respond to and manage hazardous spills, we are also increasing workplace safety while reducing downtime, labor, and disposal costs.”

More information about the Bakken Oil Product & Service Show is available at http://bakkenoilshow.com/Williston.

Galuku Group Limited granted American Green Ventures, (US) Inc. the exclusive marketing and distribution rights for SpillFix in the North American market. More information on SpillFix can be found at www.spillfix.com or by calling American Green Ventures in Cary, N.C. at (919)535-8278. You can also follow SpillFix on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/SpillFix, or Twitter at www.twitter.com/SpillFixUSA.