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Meridian Energy Group, Inc. redefines “LAER” – Lowest Achievable Emission Rates

The emission control technology of the Davis Refinery By Meridian Energy Group Partners, with contributions from Zia Engineering & Environmental Consultants; Vepica USA There is a company in the Bakken who has been on a search over the past several years to create something that will effectively change how an…

Not all that glitters is gold: Black Gold Boom

By Amanda Lefley Photos courtesy of Todd Melby. One of the most famous economic events created from Mother Nature that ensued a ‘boom’ of opportunity and job creation was the California Gold Rush. Dating back to 1848, gold was first discovered in Coloma. In today’s era, another boom is happening….

What waste?! New solutions to handling wastewater in the Bakken

By Rebecca Colnar  If you have a large population, there’s going to be wastewater. When a small community suddenly sees burgeoning growth, wastewater needs to be dealt with quickly and efficiently while adhering to regulations. “With the increased activity in the Bakken oilfield, and new people moving in, there is…