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Bakken rocks this stock! Propelled by its energy and resource focus on the region, Integrity stock fund aims to deliver results to investors

By Katrina A.T. Senyk Robert Walstad tours a drilling site in the northwest North Dakota portion of the Bakken oil play. North Dakota is currently fourth in U.S. oil production – behind only Texas, Alaska and California – with 6,500 wells producing roughly the same output as California’s 100,000 wells….

The bold, the brave, and the beautiful: Women in the Bakken

By Laura Tode Christina Chauvin arrived in Bainville, Mont. on February 15, 2011, just after a snowstorm swept across Montana’s Hi-line. She’d spent her entire life in Louisiana, and although she knew she was being delivered to a cold place, she had no idea what else to expect. Everything was…

Bakken blueprint for U.S. recovery, unprecedented prosperity

By Chris Faulkner President and CEO, Breitling Oil & Gas All the pundits expected the hottest issue of this election campaign to be the economy. Though the incumbent seemed to keep losing his focus on the most critical issue facing this country, candidates Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan haven’t. They…